Well, I asked for change

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

And immediately the universe responded in the form of a new editor for WordPress. I’d clung to the previous previous editor for far longer than necessary, enjoying something about its clunky awkwardness, as perhaps we had a bit of a kinship.

So a few days ago I’d noted to myself how I’d adjusted to the newer-to-me editor, and couldn’t remember when I’d made the full switch. And kaplewie, an even newer text editor.

(Keplewie, if you were not aware, is the sound new text editors make upon arrival).

Here’s the funny part in all of this. I love technology. I love new technology. I love bells and whistles and buttons that look cool and take a while to figure out. Yet when I think blogging, I think page, words, picture, done.

I’m also quick to adapt to new technology. So why the reluctance?

I couldn’t say. I can say that I just discovered how you can edit paragraph to paragraph in this new “block” interface, and I think I kinda love it. The previous interface was sparse; I find this one clean.

So I got a change, almost on demand, took it, and I think I like it. One tiny change is still a change.

Now the real question is if it will keep giving me blog topics, because that would be the best feature of all.

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