Ten Word Photo Prompt: Spells


(Photo by Bia Sousa from Pexels)

It’s time for the ten word story based on the photo above! Exactly ten words, no more, no less.

Yes to titles; no to doubling the length of your story. Let’s keep it honest people.

OK, here’s mine:

Transformed, Lola vowed to love Martin.

To the last bite.


Ten Word Photo Prompt: Going back


(Photo by Jacob Prose from Pexels)

Believe it or not, it’s Thursday! That means it’s time for a ten word story based on the photo above.

Ten words, no more no less! Titles are fine, just don’t go overboard.

OK, here’s mine:

Pushing through, Ana returned to the world she called home.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Walking


It’s Thursday, so it’s ten word photo prompt time! It’s time for a ten word story based on the photo above!

In ten words exactly, write a story. Easy right?

OK here’s mine:

Had to steer with your horns, Steve. With your horns.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Fish Stories


(Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels)

It’s ten word story time! Using the above photo prompt, write a ten word story.

And here’s mine:

With a flick of her tail, she swam toward home.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Granted


(Photo by Mikes Photos from Pexels)

OK, we have this. Picture. Ten words. Story. Go.

Here’s mine:

Then she wished she’d never fall, and she never did.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Release


( Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels)

You know the drill by now…with the picture above, write a ten word story! Exactly ten words.

You can have a title though.

OK, here’s mine:

Sprites scattered from her hands, star-like, their purpose her bidding.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Teamwork


(Photo by Milena Fotografia from Pexels)

It’s a little tardy, but it’s Thursday! Using the photo above, write a ten-word story. Yes to titles; no to extra, extra long titles.

OK, ready?

Here’s mine.

Hands entwined, they saved the world, magic balanced between them.