#ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayTen ten word photo prompt: Painted?

Human/AI collaboration DALL-E.

You probably know by now how fascinated I am by AI “art.” I think what intrigues me isn’t how it gets things right; it’s what it gets wrong. There’s something a little creepy about it, a little off.

Today’s prompt was inspired by the style of Edward Hopper and a machine imitating his views of people and human isolation really reveals the stark contrast between art and a computer generating an image.

While I wouldn’t hang it on a wall, it does offer a lot of interesting quirks to inspire a 10 word story which is why we’re all here! I assume.

ANYWAY, using the image above as a prompt, write a ten word story. EXACTLY ten words.

Feel free to focus on its, um, idiosyncrasies.

Ready? Here’s mine:

As her friends gathered, Jen readied the Tree Removal Ceremony.


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