#WomenBoycottTwitter, the Aftermath


Moça com Livro,, José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So after #WomenBoycottTwitter, I discovered that some women of color felt excluded or unsupported by other women and feminists given that the silencing of women of color hadn’t triggered a boycott. I can’t and won’t presume to speak for anyone else, so please feel free to look into the issue.

Unfortunately, because I was boycotting Twitter, I only found out about the objections after I returned, so I couldn’t consider them when deciding whether to boycott.

Intersectionality — or examining multiple and overlapping issues of race, gender, class, religion and other such markers — is much more complex than the normal light fare of this blog, but the competing pressures and assumptions that others must handle daily should always merit consideration. Really, isn’t that the essence of empathy?

So I unreservedly apologize to anyone I excluded by my protest. While that certainly wasn’t my intention, you know what they say about intentions.

And then things got a little more complicated today. It seems that Rose McGowan tweeted something racist, and elevated what might have been an oversight of ignorance to something even worse. Again, I can speak for no one but myself, so feel free to catch up on the details.

But I want to share a little something with you. I’ve noticed whenever I feel that someone expressing a feeling of exclusion or hurt is being “picky,” it’s a defense mechanism. Something someone is saying has hit directly in a space I need to examine.

That’s uncomfortable. It’s always uncomfortable. Growth is uncomfortable.

Biggest clue you’ve hit one of those spots? You want to respond with “not all…” If you want to say “not all,” then I’m sorry to break it to you, it definitely includes you.

There’s some good news here, though. You know what else that “not all” means?

You don’t want it to include you.

So take a second the next time you feel that resistance. Think about why it makes you pause, why you want to exclude yourself. No one’s a perfect feminist; no one’s born innately able to understand the plight of others.

But that’s OK. That’s what growth is for, if we take our opportunities.


So Long, Tom Petty. So long.


The loss of Tom Petty is a sad one. David Bowie and Prince burned so brightly, were so ephemeral, as awful as it was to see them go suddenly, it wasn’t quite shocking.

But Tom Petty, that slow steady rhythm of a rocker, at least from here, seemed like a stable kind of guy. A permanent kind of guy. A singer-songwriter with a voice we all knew, both lyrically and tonally.

So many of his songs are now ingrained inside of me, his clear, clean prose a lesson in painting with few, few words. He is a soundtrack to dreams and disappointments, from youth to maturity.

And those music videos.

As he vanishes Into the Great Wide Open, we bid this musician who meant so much to so many of us a beautiful journey.

“You follow your feelings, you follow your dreams
You follow the leader into the trees
And what’s in there waiting, neither one of us knows…”

(Wake Up Time)




Tell Them Who We Are


By Premier Manufacturing Company Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

I will preface this post: This is not political. This is about humanity, about treating people with disabilities fairly and with consideration, about valuing the lives and health of our fellow Americans.

This is about respect for our Constitution and the process it requires. This is about representational government and whether it can choose to usurp the power of the people to serve a few extremely wealthy masters.

This is as simple as right and wrong.

Today, the Senate will vote on a bill no one has seen. When I say no one has seen it, I mean the Senators themselves don’t know what is in the bill.


The Congressional Budget Office hasn’t reviewed it, as no one has reviewed it. Besides, Republicans apparently resent the CBO because it quantified the financial and human damage of previous versions of Trumpcare.

And despite strong public opposition — human opposition, not the paid propaganda voices following their paid talking points — from Americans across the political spectrum, Republicans want to push ahead and strip Americans of healthcare.

For some tax breaks for the extremely super-wealthy.

Even worse, this bill will likely alter Medicaid, the program many people with disabilities, children and adults alike, depend upon for survival. Not metaphorical survival.


What will Republicans do to Medicaid? We don’t know because no one has seen the bill. There have been no public hearings. Most of them also have no idea, but they’ll vote for it anyway.

Which is horrifying.

Please call your Senators. Now. You can find them right here. Then your Representative.

This is not how America works. We don’t let the strongest, the wealthiest feed on the most vulnerable among us. We don’t allow our values, our religious beliefs, our understanding of morality to be twisted to harm our fellow citizens.

As I said, it’s about right and wrong. The government might have some trouble telling one from the other, but we owe it to our country and fellow citizens to set it straight.

Call now.

Everyone deserves care. Everyone.


To say it flatly: this isn’t political. No person, no matter where on the political spectrum, should think it’s just fine to deprive someone like Michael of the comfort and stability of his own home, let alone limit or take away his medical care completely. And along with ripping health insurance from millions by destroying the ACA, or, as it’s popularly known, Obamacare, the AHCA will gut Medicaid.

Gut it.

Why? For tax cuts for the richest Americans. Again, that’s not a “slant,” a political perspective or anything else. The Republican bill literally puts a price on people’s lives, and lives come up short.

What will happen to people with disabilities who depend upon Medicaid for their very existence?

Well, you do the math. Your Republican representatives already have.

Contact them relentlessly and tell them you will not support such open, craven inhumanity.

#AtoZChallenge Wrap-Up and #MAYKingItWork


Yes, this post should have gone up yesterday, but I was a little blogged out. Another A to Z Challenge done, and it was a fun one this year. I didn’t really mind the lack of the list once we got used to it, but I also was a terrible, terrible slacker when it came to my visits.

But I will find you all. Who says all visits must be only in the month of April?

This year’s challenge spawned a new idea: #MAYkingItWork. We pick an unfinished manuscript of any type and commit to it for the month of May. Are you in?

I’ve got two candidates at the moment, so I have to make a final decision. Let’s say we reflect, go through our potential choices, and decide by Friday? No pressure, really, just support and encouragement.

So thanks to everyone who came by and visited this month, it’s been so much fun sharing April with you, and I hope to see you around often.

Have a dusty, unfinished manuscript you need to work on? Join us in May for #MAYkingItWork! Commit to a project and commiserate with us!

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One Lovely Blog Award? Why Thank You!


So I don’t usually do these awards which are, let’s face it, the 21st Century equivalent of chain letters. But I actually thought this one would be fun and figured, eh, what the heck!

Besides, I was so nicely nominated by Unibookworm, one of my A-to-Z Blogging Challenge buddies, so how could I resist? So thank you, Unibookworm! And also I didn’t have a ton of blog ideas for today, so thank you again! That’s Monday, all tied up!

Here’s the deal:

😉 Thank the blogger nominator and link back to them.

😉 Let us get to know you in 7-15 fun facts about you!

😉 Share the blog❤ by nominating 9-15 bloggers for the award and let them know!

Some facts about me:

  1. I write weird, humorous novels, some more quickly than others. My books: Paradox Ralf KraftAunty Ida 2 correctly filled in3 Ida1
    cozy final cover
  2. I also have a collection of short stories, which is free for the taking:










3. I am an excellent procrastinator but equally excellent with a deadline. Deadlines are law.

4. Speaking of law, I used to practice divorce law.

5. I actually participated in some chain letters as a tween. Passed as notes. I didn’t know that many addresses. Also I’m pretty sure mailing them is a crime. Or maybe that’s just what our parents told us to save on stamps.

6. I wish I had a dog, but I can’t have one in my building. So I have a very serious case of dog envy.

7. In the last few months, I’ve seen more news break on Twitter than from any other outlet, and I think that’s amazing and terrifying.

And now I get to nominate other blogs for this award! At least I don’t have to hand write it nine times. Please visit them because each and everyone of them is awesome. And they are:

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(Wildchild47 would be on this list if I could find the blog…)

Thanks to all of you for hanging out here, even when I’m not being the best blogger with reciprocating. You are all, as the award says, lovely.

And thanks to Unibookworm! This was much more fun that I expected!







TiVo, RCN and the Great Tech Debacle


I just learned that I can follow Tabatha from “Bewitched” on Twitter. Well, the actress who played Tabatha, yes I know Tabatha was fictional.


And stumbled into this whole nostalgia pocket of actors who played parts on shows where our lives now would belong in a science-fiction world. Incredible, really.

Though I almost always marvel at technology with a schoolgirl crush, technology and I have had a little bit of a back-and forth recently. My TiVo abruptly stopped connecting to the internet. Now you would probably think that that problem would be easily resolved. After hours talking with the extremely kind people at RCN, I have been on the phone with TiVo since 9 am. Or on a chat. Or otherwise in communication. I finally got off of the phone with them at noon.

And no closer to a resolution. ARRGGHH.

It’s strange, because this moment is starting to feel like the end of an era for me: my TiVo era. I’ve given it my best, but it looks like I’ll be changing to the RCN system. It might cost a little more net, but if there’s a problem, at least there is someone who can fix it.

They’ve just been so nice about it all.

Which is good, because now I have to get back on the phone with them, because TiVo insists it must be an RCN issue.

Oh joy. The TiVo person thought I should go with the RCN system as well…apparently they no longer want me as a customer. One thing I can say for sure is I will absolutely never go through this again.

And let us all say it together: ARRGGHH.

Update: I had the most lovely conversation with Eric at RCN, and I am getting their equipment on Monday. Yay for that! He thinks that the problem lies with TiVo. Only time and outage reports will tell, but it won’t be my problem anymore. Let the new TVing begin!

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