#WednesdayWisdom: Dipping my toe into the daydreams.


It’s sunny today but I told you that yesterday, and all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore. I don’t think it rained, but the wind picked up and it got a little chilly. So who knows what today holds.

Lately I’ve been missing travel, real travel, not my TV travel. Granted I’ve gone all over the world through the television, and I’m currently TVing in France, but in the end it just isn’t the same.

How could it be?

What I miss is travel before the pandemic, that whole life before the pandemic, when a plane ride was a gateway to somewhere new and not a new pathogen.

Although that’s not entirely true as I’ve caught more than one cold on a plane.

Before the pandemic it was like the world was getting smaller, all the corners accessible, but now it’s puffed up all over again, and so many places feel too far to reach. Except with a remote.

Very little chance of getting sick from my remote.

So far.

Still I’m dipping my toe into the daydreams, imagining where I’d go, how I’d get there, what I’d see. Unrealistic fantasy, really.

But imagination is free.

And generally virus free.

So you can’t undercount that.

Have a great Wednesday.

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