Ten Word Photo Prompt: Mistaken Identity

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

It’s ten word story time! Using the photo above, write a ten word story. Exactly ten words.

I actually intended to use a different photo this week, but this one just caught my attention.

Here’s mine:

Common misconception: all time travel in London happens via TARDIS.


Ten Word Photo Prompt: Choices


It’s Thursday! I think. I’m pretty sure. Let’s go with Thursday.

That means it’s time for a ten word story using the photo above! In exactly ten words, write a story!

It’s that easy!

And by easy, I mean it’s always a challenge. And that’s the challenge.

Look out, Shakespeare, I’m on fire today.

So here’s mine:

Five Worlds beckoned: mirages; a mirror; and one path home.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Procrastination


(Photo by Junior Teixeira on Pexels.com)

Is the world ending? You betcha. Democracy dying before our eyes?

No question.

Still doing a ten word story today?

Why not?

We can fiddle (with photo prompts) while freedom withers. What else can we do?

Anyway, you know the drill. Using the photo above, write an story of exactly ten words.

Here’s mine.

“Twitter. Five minutes,” it beckoned.

She was never seen again.

Ten Word Photo Prompt:


(Photo by Martin Péchy from Pexels)

It’s ten word photo prompt time! Using the photo above, write a ten word story. Exactly ten words.


Here’s mine.

The house grew there, like a tree but with plumbing.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Resolution


(Photo by David Boca from Pexels)

It must be Thursday, because here we are with a ten word photo prompt!

Using the photo above for inspiration, write a ten word story. Easy peasy.

Ready? Here’s mine.

Dawn captured, Pagonia teleported back home to the always-night.

Ten Word Photo Prompt: Mood.


(Image: Jose Guadalupe Posada.)

So we’re back with the photo prompts but you can probably tell from my offering my mood has not improved.

Which would be tough without some serious reversal of some very bad things, but here we are and here we will write a ten word story.

So, using the above image, write a ten word story. Exactly ten words. Yes you may have a title, I won’t send those nice guys after you.

Here’s mine:

“Take a joke!” he yelled as the demons restrained her.

Ten Word Photo Prompt:


(Photo by ISABELA NAIARA MATILDE from Pexels)

Ten word photo prompt time! Using the picture above, write a ten word story. You can have a title, but don’t go overboard.

OK, here’s mine:

Her youth silently stolen in the night, Anna plotted vengeance.