#MAYkingItWork Friday: Declaration Day


OK, friends who have decided to take something languishing and make it work during this month, today’s the day you say it loud and say it, if you’re like me, a little hesitantly. Just kidding!

Today we declare what nagging bit of unfinished work we’re going to dust off and attack. But in a nice way. No pressure; this is the gentlest of challenges. As co-host Breaker of Things said, it’s more of a getting-back-on-the-computer-or-sewing-machine-or-whatever support group. Well, he didn’t say it exactly that way, but there’s nothing pedantic about #MAYkingItWork.

Unless you want it to be.

What’s that, hypothetical and non-hypothetical readers alike? I haven’t declared anything so far?

How very astute.

OK for the month of May, I will set my sights on finishing the first draft of the Aunty Ida book that’s been lying around (and we all know Aunty Ida hates lying around) and finish this round of edits on a completed stand-alone novel.

Your turn! Feel free to discuss in the comments, or blog about it and leave a link. Happy MAYkingItWork!

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