So Long Caffeine, and Thanks for All the Jitters


So I gave up caffeine. I haven’t joined an anti-caffeine cult, and I haven’t picked up a health craze eschewing everything but sunshine and filtered air.

I just realized that it made me really jittery. And not having it makes me less jittery.

But sometimes I miss it, because I am relatively certain that it was the substance that made up at least sixty percent of my brain.

Sixty percent is a lot to lose.

I’ll think about it, and be tempted by the thought of my mind finally finding second gear, and maybe even edging into third. But then I remember my racing heartbeat, my shaky hands, that feeling of not being able to sit quite still.

And I have a glass of water instead.

A Delicious Experiment


I didn’t feel like dinner last night, so I decided to try something new. I sauteed an apple with a little bit of butter, adding a dash of water just to get the pieces good and soft.

Then I added a packet of Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal (mine came from Trader Joe’s, my favorite food oasis on the planet). Again, I splashed a little water into the pan, the sweet smell of the maple filling the kitchen.

When the oats had plumped just a bit, I spooned the mixture over vanilla Greek yogurt.