#FridayThoughts: The tea I never made.


First this week’s #TVWatch, “Worth a laugh!” And now Friday.

I’m tired today, and I should have fortified my writing with a cup of tea. Instead, here I am, the sky heavy and gray, as though the weight of the potential snow is bringing it all the closer to earth.

I suppose it can be pretty cozy if you look at it the right way.

But really all I can think about is how the dishwasher needs emptying and other small nagging things like that. And that tea I never made.


I could go put on the kettle.

I’m going to go put on the kettle.

The kettle is on.

It’s felt like a bit of a long week but I couldn’t even tell you why. I’m still slogging through the yoga challenge, and though identifying the reason it was difficult for me definitely helped, and I’m better able now to just be in it, I’m still not enjoying it, per se.

Maybe enjoyment isn’t everything. Maybe enjoyment should be everything.

I don’t know, I’m fresh out of answers this week, which is convenient, because I’m fresh out of blog post too.

Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend.

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