#TuesdayThoughts Pick a post: Since you asked…


First #ChatTuesday, “Perhaps you can also relate.” And now Tuesday.

After last week’s resounding success, and by “resounding success’ I mean I’m not sure anyone noticed, I’m again going to pick a random post from my twitter feed and use it as inspiration. Maybe next week it will be Spoutible.

We’ll see.

Anyway, today I will pick the seventh post in my feed, excluding my own posts. Let’s see if this works. I’m not sure what to do if it doesn’t.

I swear I didn’t cook the books.

Welp. I mean. I probably don’t want to share all my thoughts on this matter because this is the internet and the internet is is forever. It would have been very ironic if the very beast he apparently deliberately unleashed turned around and got him. And I can’t say that he’s done anything since to better anyone or anything, aside from his own net worth.

Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t have cried. I wouldn’t be sorry to see one less source of strife, derision and plain evil in the world.

He has created an environment where people feel free to be the very worst version of themselves. It’s incredible to me that people who call themselves Christian follow him at all, as he sounds a whole lot like the warnings of the devil.

When he does finally depart this earth, I suspect few will be sorry to see him go, the result of a life very poorly lived.

And that’s it for me for this Tuesday. Still not entirely sold on the new theme but this was kind of fun. Have a great day.

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