#FridayThoughts: Incredibly deep or complete nonsense


It’s winter again, at least for now, with a fresh coat of snow on the ground. But February can’t last forever.

It’s a short month.

It’s very sunny though, with those little clouds that look like they’re mainly decoration. Just a little reminder we’re on this home we call Earth.

Although other planets have clouds too. Some of them made of not as nice things. And on Jupiter, a hurricane that’s raged as long as we’ve observed the planet.

Apparently it’s shrinking.

Your friendly fact for the day. Which you probably knew. It’s not an obscure fact.

It’s been a week, not unlike every week, as weeks tend to be weeks, which you can take as incredibly deep or complete nonsense, dealer’s choice.

It’s often difficult to tell the difference.

I’m running the Roomba and it amazes me how it always finds the things it shouldn’t, even if you didn’t see them. It does.

Also possibly incredibly deep or nonsense.

I’m on a roll or superglued in place, dealer’s choice.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week, I hope you have an incredible Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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