#MondayThoughts: Will never fail to astonish me.


It’s gray and rainy, and I don’t think we knew it would be. That happens too.

Sometimes rain sneaks up on you.

We all get a little drizzle now and then.

I’m already on my second cup of coffee, I didn’t mess around this morning. It could be the weather, it could just be one of those things that is, but I’m tired and slow today.

On the plus side, I’ve been more tired. And I’ve been slower.

So we can call that a positive.

Speaking of such a drizzle, it appears that after another round of staff firings, Twitter is having technical difficulties. Again.

The depth and breadth of some people’s greed will never fail to astonish me. Billions are not enough.

How can billions not be enough?

It seems less about the having and more about the depriving. Making sure there isn’t enough for anyone else.


I’ll never understand it. This planet’s abundance can support us all, happily.

Some people seem to exist solely to see others suffer.

That also will never fail to astonish me. Please don’t be one of those people.

And have a great Monday.

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