#FridayThoughts: Fun where we find it.


It’s gray and rainy today. At least I think it’s rainy.

Can’t be entirely sure.

I’ve given in to the temptation and tried out Temu. I got my first order, and overall, I’m pleased. I don’t think I’ll be buying clothes there, but never say never. I haven’t had much luck with clothing from Amazon, though.

I got some scrapbook paper, though the sheets were very, very small. It said they were 6″x6″ and yet somehow the size was a surprise. Looks good, though, and useful for various projects.

There were the embroidery scissors shaped like a crane, which I won’t be using for embroidery but small, sharp scissors are always helpful when you do crafty things. A little tape measure, a box cutter but it doesn’t stay locked open, which has limited use, and some organizers for my drawers.

I was most skeptical about the organizers but I just used them, not with 1 item per pocket as intended, mind you, and they hold a lot. I would get more.

So far, I’m pleased. I have another couple of small orders coming with more craft things, kitchen gadgets (I love a kitchen gadget) and even some earrings. I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve got to get our fun where we find it.

And I just used the bird scissors and it cracked me up because the join of the two blades is the eye of the crane.

Like I said, fun where we find it.

Have a great Friday and a fun-filled weekend.

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