#TuesdayThoughts: Pick a post Tuesday


First, #ChatTuesday, “The mere act of acknowledgement.” And now Tuesday.

So as you probably know, I’ve been thinking of new themes for Tuesdays, and last week, on Wednesday, I randomly chose a tweet and used it as the inspiration for the post.

I’m going to try that today. This time, I will chose whatever is ninth in my feed, excluding my own tweets. Let’s go grab it!

Well here it is. And an interesting one it turned out to be.

The reason this is so fascinating is the right has been twisting itself into pretzels to try to equate the turning over of classified documents from the time President Biden was vice president to the search of trump’s “hotel.” Apparently Pres. Biden also consented to a search of his residence to be certain there were no more classified docs to be had.

Contrast that to repeatedly requesting the documents from trump, trump refusing, trump doing a partial handover, and eventually the government requiring a search warrant to enter his property. Interestingly, none of the articles I’ve seen have noted that distinction.

So now, with this Pence situation, the right is in a position to defend Pence while attacking Pres. Biden for exactly the same situation. Not that they’ve ever let hypocrisy get in the way of a good false equivalence.

The point is watch this space (well not mine literally, necessarily, but the whole issue) and think critically while reading stories that are trying to make two very different circumstances sound the same.

So that was a Pick a Post. What do you think?

I had fun.

And with that I wish you a wonderful Tuesday.

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