#MondayThoughts: A before, and then an after.


I’ll just level with you. I have no idea what it’s doing outside. It looks both sunny and entirely overcast, and they were talking about rain later but now I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.


Not really where my head is, though. As news comes in about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, it’s horrifying. As of this post, at least 2300 have died. From what I’ve read, it was a huge one–7.8-and it happened at 4 am, when most people are sleeping. Terrible combination.

The pictures are heartbreaking, entire apartment buildings seemingly turned essentially to sand. Not even large chunks of concrete, but small bits, which makes clear there will be many sad days ahead.

It’s weird how things can happen like that, in a moment. I’m not sure if there was any warning for the first quake, and one of the aftershocks was nearly as big. But there was a before, and then an after.

I’d had a bunch of fluff to talk with you about today, a little lightness for a Monday morning, but nature took care of that.

That’s the thing with nature, we think we’ve tamed it, we think we’re in control, we think we can handle what it has for us, but then suddenly the ground starts shaking.

What can we do about the ground shaking?

I don’t even know if it’s an earthquake-prone area. I don’t know if people were prepared, if they even expected anything like this. Ever.

So my thoughts are with the people in Turkey and Syria living through this nightmare on this Monday.


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