#WednesdayWisdom: We make choices.


Is it sunny? Is it cloudy? Only the weather knows for sure. Says we’re getting rain later, so we’ll see.

We’ll see.

My inspiration reservoir is so low today, you can make out the mud and the rocks and the forgotten roots beneath the shallow surface. I probably need some tea to compliment the coffee I’ve already had.

And this is where I’d normally excuse myself to put the kettle on, so at the very least it could boil while I chat here with you. But today is one of those days where making the tea feels like more work than writing without the tea.

We make choices.

Sometimes they’re so small and subtle we don’t even realize we’ve made them, not until we have to stop and force ourselves to analyze them while, I don’t know, just throwing out an example, we write a blog post. As small as putting the kettle on or not putting the kettle on.

And we can ride the escalator upward to bigger and bigger choices, from what we wear and eat to what we do and a million other things that can change everything that are different for everyone so only you can spell them out for you.

All along the way, decisions, decisions, decisions.


I like the theory that there is a separate universe for every choice we don’t make, all those millions of branch points holding up space and time, a concept so beautifully illustrated in Everything Everywhere All at Once. The me who got up to make the tea might be in the midst of a completely different post.

Or she may still be standing in the kitchen, staring at nothing in particular, waiting for the pop of the kettle finishing its thing.

She made her choice and I made mine.

Have a great Wednesday.

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