#FridayThoughts: We’ve got to get it together.


It’s sunny at last, though not warm. With this much sunshine you can imagine it’s warm though, I suppose that’s something.

It’s been a weird week in the world, with a lot of terrible things happening in this country and one very good thing happening in this country, which was trump’s indictment.

But the combination of the utterly shameless with no regard for the Constitution and a Supreme Court packed with people who are happy to make it permanent make for a very unsettling situation. What we could say with certainty before–states limiting interstate travel is unconstitutional, for example–we just don’t know.

This Court could say sure, set up border checkpoints. Sure, force women to carry special cards stating their pregnancy status at all times. Sure, The Handmaid’s Tale seems like a great idea, let’s do that.

It doesn’t feel like we’re losing but that we lost, and of course that is how they want us to feel. That it’s done and dusted, that it’s all over.

Well, it’s not.

But we need more Democrats in Congress to fix it. Enough to expand the Supreme Court.

Enough, if we can, to impeach the people who shouldn’t be on the Court in the first place.

The power belongs to us, not them, but people treat claiming that power as an inconvenience. Living under fascism is way more inconvenient.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.

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