#MondayThoughts: A present only for you.


It’s maybe cloudy, maybe sunny, one of those days when it’s difficult to tell. What it’s easy to tell is that it’s one of those days where I have to coax my brain into getting going.

You can do it, brain!

“Eh,” says my brain in reply.

I woke up way too early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, and I suspect that’s the base of the problem. Tired but not sleepy, what a time for a distinction.

Anyway, it’s getting springier all the time, the temps climbing, the green starting to appear, early flowers popping up. Yesterday I was in the Loop, and there was an entire island of little blue flowers tucked at the base of the trees. As I watched from the car window, people walked by them, not one of them noticing this tiny magical space fit for a fairy.

That’s how it goes, isn’t it, we often miss the little changes, the gradual shifts, and even the sudden bloom of flowers that only last about as long as you see them.

And that’s a shame.

So even though it’s a Monday, and even though, like me your brain might be stuck on “eh,” try to notice one thing no one else is noticing.

It will feel like a present only for you.

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