#FridayThoughts: Difficult to know.


Gray today, but probably just for the sake of it, I’m not sure it’s going to rain. I went to check and got distracted by a story about a Russian war plane dropping a bomb on a Russian city. “Accidentally.”

You always have to wonder about these things. Was it an attempt to blame Ukraine or another country for the bombing, but didn’t work out that way? Is the equipment so unreliable?

Something else more sinister?

It’s very difficult to know.

Very precarious times. I wonder how many people were killed, just living their lives, likely in a country they didn’t choose. In the midst of a war they also likely didn’t choose.

So many ways our world could have gone and yet this is how it is. A place run by men with egos that cannot be satisfied, greed that is bottomless, and no souls to speak of.

It makes me even more glad we’ve gotten rid of such a person in favor of Pres. Biden, but they’re always, always banging at the gates. Look at that authoritarian wannabe in Florida.

Heavy thoughts for a Friday. Heavy thoughts for a heavy sky.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week, have a great day and a spectacular weekend.

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