#TuesdayThoughts: What a nauseating embarrassment as an American.


First, #ChatTuesday, “Mother’s Day season.” And now Tuesday.

It was rainy and might still be, once again I find it difficult to tell. On the heels of all the firings yesterday, today we learned that Neil Gorsuch, a SCOTUS Justice appointed by trump, apparently sold land he had listed for sale for multiple years just after he was confirmed.

He didn’t list the name of the purchaser on this disclosure form, and apparently the purchaser had nearly two dozen cases before him afterward. If that doesn’t sound corrupt to you, then nothing would sound corrupt to you.

And this is after learning about Clarence Thomas’ undisclosed benefits from Harlan Crow.

So Chief Justice John Roberts who has whined and complained about the way people say his Court is illegitimate, will have, as his legacy, at least TWO justices under him who, if not doing something improper (!) certainly have the air of impropriety.

And Kavanaugh did have a lot of debt before he became a SCOTUS Justice. Shouldn’t we be the least bit curious about that?

Republicans, of course, won’t do anything about this, even in the face what looks like blatant corruption. Anyone on “their side” does no wrong, no matter what wrong they do.

But what a nauseating embarrassment as an American to have these stories about money actually changing hands, and Republicans completely unconcerned about it. It’s like it’s only their country when they get what they want and they don’t care how they get what they want.

On a global scale, how humiliating to have a party like Republicans who will stand firmly with what appears to be overt corruption, who will revel in never, not once, doing what is right for the sake of what is right because they might “lose.”

Terrible, terrible people, who, no matter how they crow about their religion, no matter how they use it as a cudgel, are utterly, utterly without morals.

And that’s it for this incandescent Tuesday. Have a great day and go let a Republican know what you think about their corruption.

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