#WednesdayWisdom: Ask the right questions.


It’s cloudy, I think, I can’t really tell, it’s one of those days where clouds could be sky or sky could be clouds. It’s like that now and then.

Clouds or sky, who’s to say.

I’ve been deeply disturbed by the news of a two-hour pursuit of Harry and Meghan last night after she received her award from Ms., as it sounds eerily like the chase that killed his mother. This time, though, there were multiple vehicles in pursuit, described as “blacked out.”

Which makes me wonder how a photographer can get a shot through tinted windows at night, but I guess that’s another thing.

It’s such a sad world we’re in. Why they can’t just live the life they’ve carved out for themselves, I have no idea.

The things that have become commonplace that used to be unthinkable really are staggering, if you stop to consider them. The cars in pursuit reportedly drove over sidewalks and ran red lights.

Yet no arrests were made.

People complain about “wokeness” but never admit that they’re championing white supremacy. It is, after all, the opposite of “wokeness.”

The thought that other people have a right to exist in space that doesn’t concern certain people has transformed into fuel for a flame ignited by a fundamental inability to mind one’s own business. What if the photographers, if indeed that’s what the were, took the photos they got at the red carpet and left it at that?

What if people let go of the ridiculous assumption that everyone has to live like they do, even when it doesn’t affect them?

How did these people get so much power over lives that have nothing to do with them?

We won’t get the answers here, but maybe we can all start asking the right questions.

Have a great Wednesday.

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