#MondayThoughts: Adapting


So my back continued to hurt throughout the weekend. It’s better now, though not all the way better, but better than it was. Very, very slow improvement. I’m not sure why it happened, only that it happened. Hopefully it is closing in on resolved.

It’s a strange thing to suddenly find you can’t do normal stuff without pain, without thought, without a little creativity. Of course anyone with a disability is reading this with a raised eyebrow, and that raised eyebrow is deserved.

Even if we are the empathetic type, and I like to think I am, we rarely can imagine the experience of other people in quite the same detail as having an incident can bring it home. And I have the most active of imaginations.

I’d like to suggest we replace impatience with people who have to do things differently than we do with patience, with offers of help if warranted or wanted, with understanding. Because if the idea of humanity isn’t enough for you, at any moment, on any day, it could be you.

Three days of nothing was a challenge for me, but I did it, as close as I could to doing it while continuing to feed myself. I’m sure there’s a lesson in slowing down in there too, and I guess the universe is going to make me hear it.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. I wish a wonderful and perfectly healthy Monday.

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