#WednesdayWisdom: Such is the folly of human beings.


You may have noticed that there was no post yesterday and no Chat Tuesday. Maybe you didn’t.

And that’s fine too.

My back is still bothering me, and yesterday was worse than Monday. Maybe because I did too much Monday because I felt better.

Such is the folly of human beings.

So today, I decided to take advantage of all the high-tech and low-tech solutions around me. I’m using voice input–as we literally speak, at least in my case–to write this post, which I’ve not really done before. It’s a little bit of a mess, and I have to keep stopping to fix the punctuation.

For example, I said a little hit or miss, not a little bit of a mess, but everyone thinks they’re a writer. Including google.

Still, it’s kind of fun and very twenty-first century to be telling my technology what to say and seeing it appear in front of me.


There are lots of things we have at our disposal, already available that can make our lives easier. I mean sometimes it tries to decide where the sentence should end and where there should be a comma or where there shouldn’t be a comma even though it’s totally wrong but it’s still better than trying to type when your back hurts.

That previous sentence was a prime example but I fixed it now so you can’t see what a mess it was but trust me it was a mess. A I may be smart but it’s still learning.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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