#WednesdayWisdom: But you know what does both those things for longer?


The sky is clearing a little bit, though there are still stripes of clouds across the sky. Still, I’ll take it.

For today’s post, I played a little game with myself. I went to twitter and vowed to be inspired by the fifth tweet in my feed after a refresh, counting only tweets that were not my own.

Didn’t have any by accounts I follow, but here is the tweet:

Christina Applegate and her daughter both dressed in dark suits for the Critic’s Choice Awards.

I already saw the other tweet of Christina’s this morning, the one talking about a troll who attacked her appearance, and that this picture–the one that sparked that awful comment–is where I landed feels fitting. Because I have thoughts.

Perhaps they will lead to wisdom.

They say you never know what someone is going through, but this is one of those rare cases where we know a lot about what someone is going through. Christina Applegate has survived cancer; now she’s battling MS, and even with all that, she’s showing up for herself, for her daughter, and for her fans.

And yet there are always people who want to poke a bruise, who want to make people feel bad, to steal happiness and trample it.

Here is my wisdom for you: don’t be one of those people.

Of course even the woman who did exactly that probably thinks she’s not one of those people. She probably thinks she did some kind of good, settled some kind of score by criticizing the appearance of a woman whose talent far exceeds her remarkable looks, and her gumption exceeds even both of those qualities.

I mean come on. Christina Applegate is and will always be beautiful, no matter her state of health. But that’s not the point.

Don’t be the pin bursting someone else’s balloon. Maybe it gives a temporary sense of satisfaction; maybe for a moment it relieves continuous self-hatred. But you know what does both of those things for longer?


Being the type of person you can stand.

And with that, I wish you a happy Wednesday.

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