#WednesdayWisdom: One of those House that Jack built situations


It’s a super gloomy day, though the bad weather isn’t supposed to start until later. It’s fine, though, we all need some gloomy days like this with heavy skies and indeterminate temperatures.

I think I need new countertops but it’s one of those House that Jack Built situations. Once you start with one thing, then there’s another and another and another.

It doesn’t help that my place is old and everything in it is getting older.

Even me.

But that’s true for all of us, I guess. Must be the outside gloom leaking inside.

So I’m not sure whether to even start.

One of those things, isn’t it, when you know that like water, any job will expand and expand to fill the space around it.

Sometimes I think I think too much.

And sometimes I think it’s good I think ahead. Otherwise there could be surprises.

Or maybe I’m overthinking the overthinking.

It’s a conundrum.

I guess the wisdom today is double-edged; think things through so you are not surprised along the way, but don’t think so far ahead that you never get going in the first place.

And if I knew how to do both of those things, well, I’d be an entirely different person, I think.

Have a great Wednesday.

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