#WednesdayWisdom: Do something that hits the spot.


It’s cloudy sunny today, or sunny cloudy, take your pick. Tomorrow there is supposed to be bad weather.

But that’s tomorrow.

I’m back on my Korean dramas, and more to the point, starring one of my favorites, Park Min-young. Since my last one, I’ve watched a French show, a British show set in France, and an Irish show as well as some American shows but whatever it is, these Korean dramas hit the spot.

Which, by the way, I just learned comes from archery and hitting a bullseye.

The more you know.

Maybe it’s the fear of the magical losing its magic, or maybe it’s the belief that we don’t totally deserve that perfect fit, but for some reason, we spend so much of our time not doing the exact thing that will make us happy.

So that’s your challenge.

Do something that hits the spot today, whatever it is. Order that food you never order, watch that show you’ve been saving, start a craft project you want to but haven’t.

You deserve it and if you need permission, here it is.

Have a great Wednesday.

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