#WednesdayWisdom: Don’t dye your hair cotton-candy blonde and your skin orange.


More storms ahead, but yesterday was an excellent day politically. The elections in Chicago went well, the election in Wisconsin went well and that is a relief.

We also got to see consequences come knocking for donald trump, in the form of a 34-count indictment. The indictment itself lists evidence for each count, which means it’s a pretty solid case. No matter what the people terrified of it say.

Today there was a picture of Lindsey Graham sporting a new look in the likeness of trump. Let’s set aside the objective truth that trump himself is one of the least attractive creatures ever to walk this earth, even without his trademark orange makeup and oddly dyed hair.

But then imagine deciding to imitate those two very avoidable, very icky styling choices.

It is absolutely a cult and apparently that is becoming their uniform, a desperate act to placate the unplacatable, to make him feel better about a self that should feel nothing but bad things, flattery through imitation.


It doesn’t make lindsey look strong. It won’t ingratiate him to trump or his voters. He just looks silly.

So that s my wisdom for you today, my friends. Don’t dye your hair cotton-candy blonde and your skin orange to get on the “good side” of someone without one. Don’t debase yourself for other people.

That’s a lesson lindsey needs to learn for himself, no matter how reluctant he is to take the lesson on board.

Have a great Wednesday.

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