#WednesdayWisdom: No one way.


Somehow it is after noon already and I genuinely have no idea how that happened. I’ve gotten some things done, but not the specific things I really need to get done, so I’m not sure if that counts as a victory.


Got to get myself focused. On the other hand, those other things are done so maybe that does count as a victory after all.

Why not?

It’s another very sunny day and I’m waiting for the flowering trees. Hard to know when they’re going to bloom, given our up and down weather. It’s pretty warm, though today. Not as warm as yesterday, but warm.

Took it a little easy with my workout this morning because of my tweaking my back yesterday, and with all the care and attention, it’s feeling much better today. Which brings my to my Wednesday thought.

We are so programmed to “push through” to keep going, to ignore the signals that say stop. Maybe because inertia is the natural property of all us, resisting a change. So to overcome that, we have to overcome physics at its very basic level.

And we can agree that’s a lot.

But sometimes “pushing through” only hurts us. We aggravate injuries, persist in situations that don’t serve us, dive in without all the information.

Only you know which one is better for you. No one way is always the answer.

And with that I wish you a very wonderful Wednesday.

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