#WednesdayWisdom: What you see


It is finally a sunny day, after a seemingly endless string of gray ones, though it’s not that warm. I’ll take it though.

Last night I thought I charged my phone, dutifully plugging it in but it just warned me my battery was low. Lo and behold, it was.

It turns out though I’d plugged it in, the plug itself had come unplugged.

Now I realize I just used three forms of the same word in a single sentence, but non-awkward synonyms are few and far between.

Anyway, the point is I had the appearance of the phone being charged without the phone being charged.

Which brings us to…

Things are not always as they immediately appear, and sometimes that catches us off guard. Sometimes they are better than you think.

Sometimes they are worse.

I mean the way life goes, it often feels like they are worse.

But no matter which way that plays out, it’s always good to remember to check beyond the surface. What what you see isn’t necessarily all there is.

And make sure your charger is actually plugged in.

Have a great Wednesday.

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