#FridayThoughts: Anti-coffee demons


It’s glaringly sunny today, the sun bouncing enthusiastically off all of the snow from the last few days. It seems to have stopped, for the time being.

We’ll see.

My morning has not flowed smoothly and by that I mean my coffee has not flowed smoothly, it took three attempts to get a cup.

Though I’d love to blame the coffeemaker (lie! I adore the coffeemaker, it’s one of my best friends) or nanorobots or little invisible anti-coffee demons, the fault lies within me.

First attempt, the almond milk didn’t froth. I wasn’t sure if it was the frother or the milk. Tasted it.

It was the milk.

Second attempt, I forgot to put coffee in the coffee filter.

Squarely on me.

Third attempt: coffee, yes; new almond milk. yes; success.


Seems more like Monday problems than Friday problems but at least I’m caffeinated.

Anyway, that’s it for me today, have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.

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