#FridayThoughts: The planet is like that.


It’s a gray day, warmer than it’s been, above freezing anyway. It looks like it’s going to rain.

If it does, the remainder of the snow will melt, with only the mushy ground as a reminder it was ever there.

Spring can’t be so very far away now.

I’ve watched the seasons change like hand-cranked background for a puppet theater, around and around. With or without us, they come and go.

The planet is like that.

Sometimes I think about all the species that spent time here, dealt with the rain and the snow, and just the rain before snow was invented.

All the creatures that filled the oceans and walked the land.

Evolution is too large a thought for the human mind.

Yet here we are, not the biggest or fastest or strongest. And I’m willing to argue not the smartest, especially with our recent evidence to support it.

Yet here we are. Watching the seasons go by.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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