Basic human decency or ground rules


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In this era, so much of what we say seems preposterous to have to say. Combinations of words you never thought you’d have to utter aloud, let alone to a bunch of adults.

Yet here we are.

And now here we are on this blog. As you may know, on Thursdays, I post a photo prompt for a 10 word story. This week, someone made a comment about tiresome, boring things “across the pond” and linked to a 10-word story that, at best, poked fun at sexual assault survivors; at worst, called into question their integrity.


Absolutely not. I deleted the comment, replaced it with my own, and blocked that user from this blog. No second chances, no explanations, no “lighten ups” and no “it was just a jokes.”

Utterly unacceptable.

If you cannot treat other people with dignity and respect, I do not want to play with you. And that means treating everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender identification, all of it.

This is a fun place, a respite and all are welcome here. If you think it’s fun to make people uncomfortable or to poke at people’s pain, you are not welcome here.

I know statements like this tend to bring out the trolls who want to test the system. In fact, I suspect that story was the work of a particular troll who doesn’t think I see him.

Oh, but I do.

So let’s continue to have fun and treat everyone with dignity and respect. I know that seems to be going out of fashion, but not here.




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