#MondayThoughts: And we’re off


It’s cold today, 9 degrees Fahrenheit cold, and it’s snowing in a lazy, unhurried way. Everything is a shade of gray, the ground, the roads, the trees, the sky.

Glad I don’t have to be outside.

Today is a reheated coffee morning, and even so, it’s lukewarm again. I have no idea how long I let it sit, I may give it another burst but I doubt it will improve things.

We’re back on impeachment this week, and hopefully we will see the end of the trump era, with the door closed on him forever. That’s the goal, anyway. A Republican Congressman died of COVID, I wonder if the death of their colleague will shake them out of this fugue state.


It seems like we’re finally settling into this new era of calmer, untensing from disaster after disaster. Sure shocking news will continue to break about what happened while trump usurped the White House, but there is, at least, a finite point to it, a period at the end of that sentence.

And that’s where my mind is this Monday. I hope you have a good and productive one.

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