#FridayThoughts: Needle me


I’m late today not because I forgot, or got lazy, which we both know have been late post reasons before. Nope, today I’m late for a different reason entirely.

I got my first COVID vaccination.

I’m not going to wax poetic about it, I know how it feels to want it and not have it available, or want it and not be eligible. But I have to tell you, it was like living out the exposition to a dystopian movie.

The site used to be a furniture store, and it was vast and empty, but for small folding tables well-distanced, and lots and lots of beige metal folding chairs. So many beige metal folding chairs. It’s largely staffed by the National Guard, so there they were, in uniform, along with the nurses who had their needles at the ready. After two confirmations of the appointment and the scheduling of the next.

Some questions, an arm preference and a nurse so talented I barely felt it, and I am halfway to fully vaccinated.

But for the scale of the operation and the sheer number of people who need to get vaccinated, it’s no big deal. The operation is incredible to watch, I’ve never seen our National Guard in action before, it was a sight to behold.

So here I am, partially protected and entirely nanobot free. Probably.

But if I have nanobots, they were here before the vaccination, we can all agree on that. And we can also agree Aunty Ida breached the world of fiction to put them there.

Anyway, that’s it for the week, I hope you have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “#FridayThoughts: Needle me

  1. My husband had his last week and mine is this coming Tuesday (I turned 70 today). It was strange because our local medical practice was getting 50 doses a week and was booked out until mid May. Someone told us about a medical centre 20 minutes away with plenty of doses and John got in the same day. Weird!

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    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And what a fantastic birthday present, I’m so glad for you!!! It’s so strange for a vaccine to be this exciting, but here we are. I hope you’re doing well and celebrating you!!


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