#FridayThoughts: Trying to make normal normal.


It’s rainy and cold today, feeling all the colder because of the past heat. I’m doing my newest favorite thing, waiting on groceries, while the construction in the building whines its way into my brain.


It looks like the rain will arrive along with the shopping, and that seems fitting in some odd way.

I’ve had a weird week but not in any concrete shape, the world feels somewhat off kilter. Maybe it’s the wild swing in weather, maybe it’s just me. It’s probably me.

And the fact that it’s nearly June, half the year gone, a year and a half of blurred time, and the things that used to be normal are now strange. I am grateful every day that President Biden won, because he is the reason we’re moving ahead and not forever stuck in a deathly limbo.

Had he not, the numbers only would have continued to climb, vaccinations going only to those who did trump’s bidding.


So here’s to trying to make normal normal. And have a great weekend.

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