A Tail Tale


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20160415_161513So I was just taking a walk the other day, and I turned my head and saw this guy. I looked at him and he looked at me. I pulled out my trusty cell phone camera, took a couple of shots blind — the glare was so strong I couldn’t see what I was shooting — and we continued our assessment of one another.

Chattering a bit to him or herself, or maybe grumbling, because that’s what it sounded like, it then climbed its way up and over the top of the fence. Given that it was a nocturnal animal out in the bright sunlight of day, exhibiting absolutely no fear of me, I promptly left it it to its climbing. I had no interest in playing the rabies lottery.

It went one way down the walking path and I went the other. I looked at it, down the narrow way, unconcerned in its stroll, its tail up, its stride steady and confident. People were coming. It didn’t care, on it went, the sun lighting the tips of its fur.

Maybe it didn’t have rabies. Maybe it was just a city raccoon with a rebellious side enjoying some of the day life.

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25 thoughts on “A Tail Tale

      • NOOOOO possums are gorgeous! But not at midnight if they decide they’d like to run across the roof or have an argument with a friend. they do make horrid noise! Racoons look unreal to me cause they aren’t native to Australia… we only see them in movies or cartoons… so they aren’t real. I remember seeing squirrels for the first time at the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t believe how tiny they were

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      • I totally get it, you guys have so many animals that feel completely like they’re made up! It’s so funny what you get used to.

        Raccoons are pretty smart, too. They can get in any garbage can.


  1. Maybe it was blinded by the bright light of day, and had no idea there were even people around! Random encounters with nature are always intriguing.

    Also? LOL at “The rabies lottery” HA!

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  2. The females at my parents’ house sometimes come out during the day this time of year – I think they’re looking for food for the babies, and it’s easier to do it now when they don’t have to fight the other racoons (by “looking for food,” I mean stealing the food from my parents’ cat).

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  3. I would TOTALLY play the rabies lottery which is probably not something I should brag about but I feel relatively safe in the fact that I have never won the lottery in my entire life so what are the chances I’d start now. And just to be clear winning the rabies lottery means you win rabies, right? Or is that a lose? Now I’m confused…. When do I get to cuddle a raccoon?

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    • Right before you win the rabies lottery.

      Yep, by winning you definitely lose, and the way these things go, it would be the ONE lottery you do win, and do you want that one to be the one?!

      Though I have to admit, she was kinda cute. Aside from the deadly disease possibility thing.


  4. How grand you got a photo of a raccoon in daylight. They are beautiful and wonderful creatures though they can be quite destructive. They dug through my neighbors roof and nested in there. Then they started digging through the kitchen ceiling. They were Lebanese and had no clue as to what it was. We had them call a service that extracted them humanly. I’ve had them peeping through the windows like they were watching TV. 🙂

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