#WednesdayWisdom: Enjoy the Silence if you can get it.


It’s raining away outside, dramatic streaks across the window, the whole world gray, and somewhere, someone is hammering. It’s not the building work, that’s on the roof.

Not likely in the rain.

You’ve got to wonder at the person who chooses to hammer right now, knowing we’re all home, sardines in our little tins.

OK, so that’s not so light. Not quite on theme for the week.

I seem to have misplaced my phone. Which is so weird when you’re not going anywhere. How far can it go? It makes me think of the Borrowers, though what would they do with a phone?

Then again, that’s a huge TV for a person who is about five inches tall. I could see that. Never mind, I totally get it, Borrowers.


I’m having very uncharitable thoughts about what to do with that hammer. I’d love to just listen to the rain, letting this lockdown day be one where I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.


Huh, not one nugget of wisdom yet for this Wednesday. Oh, well maybe one, if you’re a Borrower, a phone would make an excellent television. Also, as we’re forced to be apart together, please keep your hammers to yourself.

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