#MondayThoughts: You know who they are.


In order to have thoughts, I guess my brain would have to be thinking. That feels like a tall, tall order this Monday morning.

We’ve landed in August once again, the days like calendar pages flipping in an old movie.

Now that’s meta.

Last week, Republicans blocked a bill to aid veterans purely out of spite. They were open about it too; joyful after they successfully stopped its passage.

And then suddenly it was like they realized everyone could hear and see them.

Including the veterans they claim they support.

If you’ve never accepted the raw cruelty of Republicans, think about that. Think about the people they sent to war and then abandoned.

Just to get at Democrats.

If the kiddie concentration camps didn’t get you, if the alleged forced sterilizations of detained women from the “pro-life” (read: anti-life) party didn’t get you, if the deliberate refusal to try to contain COVID by making masks and vaccines a political issue didn’t get you…

Maybe this will get you.

Now, of course, that reality tapped back in, they’re making up all kinds of excuses for flipping their votes.

But we know who they are. You know who they are.

Have a great Monday.

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