#FridayThoughts: Nuclear


Well it turns out it’s Friday. And what a rollercoaster of a week.

The news has been intense, with information coming out last night that some of the documents trump took and refused to return contain nuclear secrets. That’s not very reassuring.

And this morning, Republicans went on TV to tell everyone it’s not a big deal.

Not. A. Big. Deal.

These people who scrutinized John Podesta’s recipes for signs of classified information think it’s fine for trump to take our government secrets by the truck full and then refuse to turn them over when they were subpoenaed.

And hide them for the first search back in June.

Personally I think the possible sale of nuclear information is a big deal and a bad thing, but we are living in a post-truth bizarro world.

Meanwhile it’s gray today, I don’t know if we’re supposed to get rain but my energy levels are fluctuating. I would like to write more on Medium which means I hope you’ll read more on Medium but I have to work out the details.

I don’t know if you’ve had the kind of week where taking care of one thing leads to problems with another, but I’m feeling more tired than I probably need to. I think part of it is the constant fighting to keep reality reality.

Anyway that’s it for me this week, I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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