#FridayThoughts: In case you think writing is easy.


And we’re at our last Friday in August, if you can believe it. I cannot believe it.

Disbelief is what I feel.

Sunny again, not too hot again, and I’ve been trying to get something together that’s been brewing for a while.

The problem is, as it stands right now, it’s not good.

In fact, I was just working on it, read it through and said, “this isn’t good.” How do I improve it?

Well, like my bread that collapsed yesterday, somethings cannot be improved, you have to throw them out and start again.

The thing about writing is when it’s good, it looks like no effort at all, like the words poured from somewhere in the ether on to the page, real or virtual, one after another in tidy little rows. Good writing should never reveal the heavy lifting.

And then you have the mess I’ve been working on. Well, when I get it, I promise I’ll let you know immediately.

Meanwhile, the trees are thinking about changing and it feels like Fall isn’t very far off at all. Time keeps on slipping, as the Steve Miller Band told us, into the future.

Speaking of, have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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