#MondayThoughts: Time accordion.


Must I think? That seems like a lot to ask.

It’s gone from nearly 80 back down into the 30s, and last night it snowed. It snowed.


There was a dusting this morning when I got up, but none of it stuck around, and now the grass looks greener, like it got a refreshing, tall ice water.

I suppose it did.

The bad weather doesn’t seem done yet, though, and I’m trying to get my wheels turning. They’ve been slow to turn lately, and I don’t know the specifics of why. I’m sure much of the last two years catching up with me. And now I’m losing my sense of time completely as I try to remember when my mom got sick, when the slide began.

It’s like an accordion, expanding and collapsing, events near and far all at the same time.

That takes a toll too, I guess.

What an upbeat note for a Monday! Perhaps I should throw in a few “we can do its!” and “we’ve got this” and “hang in theres.”

We can do it.

We’ve got this.

Hang in there.

Have a great Monday.

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