By Rod Waddington from Kergunyah, Australia (White Rhino, Uganda) via Wikimedia Commons

R should be one of the easiest letters on this journey from A to Z. It’s got all the possibilities of a P; all the nuance of an N; all the all of an A. But I had trouble.

Too many choices. In fact, I’m reeling from them (ahh). My fingers wanted to type “realing” from them.

Realing. Another new word my friend who shall remain nameless (Breaker of Things. Wait, I don’t think I did that right), will tell me has already been somehow released into the ether even though I’m the maker-upper of everything. Realing. Verb. Present participle. The act of making something real.

Now I want to change my title. Realing feels so much more stable, more grounded, more together than reeling.

And now you see how we got here.

I’ve always been one of those people who want to know all the outcomes before I start, who wants to make the best possible choice at all possible times (see: post about OK.) And even now, when you know and I know I’m going to chatter on about some nonsense for the length of a post, I feel compelled to make it the best possible nonsense.

Hmm. Yes, you’re right, hypothetical reader. I can see how that sounds.

It is, to throw in another r-word, ridiculous.

Especially when I set out originally to write about reality, which is probably how realing came about. Oh well. Let’s get realing.

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8 thoughts on “Reeling

  1. I immediately thought of fishing, reeling in the catch. I bought my husband a fishing trip but he was sick on the day so I went instead. The three fish I caught were edible but very bony. One was a Sergeant Baker, named after the first man who caught one on Sydney Harbour (excluding the Aborigines) and the other two were Nanny Gais. I, who pride myself on never getting seasick, succumbed to the swell off Sydney Harbour. See what you did. You have sent me reeling off, babbling away about a “realing” experience.

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    • It was a great story! I’ve never fished, though when I was in the Galapagos, one of our tour boats fished for a while and we went around and around and around…that was a DEFINITE seasick-maker, so I admire your constitution!


  2. @breakerofthings

    I’m reeling from the name check! I’m not sure and haven’t checked, but I’d guess that reeling comes from the dance the ‘reel’. I think that you are pretty safe on realing – although the Skin Horse (Velveteen Rabbit) might want a word…

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