#AtoZChallenge Wrap-up and #MAYkingItWork


Took this yesterday, April 30. Told you it’s spring!

Well, it’s May! After a month of blogging six days a week (and seven in the first marathon stretch…whoa) we’ve glided on through to May. Hello real spring (do you hear me, Chicago weather? What you’re doing out there right now, keep it up), hello MAYkingItWork.

What’s that you say, hypothetical reader? What’s that jumble of letters at the end of that sentence there? We’ll get to that in a second.

So I kind of wrapped it up yesterday, but overall, though this A to Z Challenge was, well, challenging, and I didn’t do as well as I wanted, it was definitely worth the time and effort. Every year it’s like a blogging reset, settling us into the habit of daily posting. And this year, coming up with posts, even with the headaches, wasn’t even that hard.

I think I’d call that growth.

You all know how I did with the visits, but I’ll try to catch up.

So from A to Z to MAYkingItWork. We all have those projects we mean to get to, and we keep meaning to get to, and yet somehow never get to. And they haunt us. They nag at us. They demand our attention. Kind of like the prepositions hanging out at the ends of each of those clauses, but the whole thing is far more awkward to when it’s grammatically correct.

But I digress.

In May, MAYkingItWork encourages you to pick one of those buzzing neglected bees and do something with it. Make some progress. Take a few steps toward finishing it or finish it outright.

This is a no-pressure challenge. So no pressure that it’s more of a support group. So if you’re interested, blog about it and post a link here, or come here and talk about it on Fridays during the month of May. This Friday, we declare ourselves, what we will do.

I’m tempted to make MAYkingItWork my MAYkItWork, given I wasn’t planning on doing it again this year until Breaker of Things sent a gentle nudge, so entirely without his permission I declare him co-host. Debs too, if she wants. Anyone else want in? Let me know.

So, non-hypothetical readers, think about what you’d like to get back to, or even start, if it’s something new. It doesn’t have to be writing if writing isn’t your thing; it can be craft related, home-related, anything. It’s a spring renewal for the dusty parts of the to-do list.

And come let us know what it is on Friday.

Thanks again to all my A to Z buddies, I couldn’t have done April without you, and hey, how much do you rock for completing the challenge?

(Spoiler alert. It’s a lot.)

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25 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Wrap-up and #MAYkingItWork

    • Whatever really pulls you! Blogging might feel less daunting than getting back into a novel…Both is definitely ambitious, but if it’s how you want to attack May, go for it! (you could always blog about getting back to the novel!) And yay! Welcome!

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  1. @breakerofthings

    I was going to just leave a *groan* or perhaps a *sigh*, but reading that first comment, I’m glad I gave you the nudge. Saddle-sore as I am from a month of riding the writing range, consider me deputised, and in the posse! (Too melodramatic?).

    Work has already begun on turning the AtoZ into a submittable book – I’ve already started writing what I hope is an unusual variant on the obligatory lexicon/further information, so I’m going to get that finished in May. I’m also going to return to the project that I abandoned in the flurry of “Ah! It’s April next week!”, which is a 5k short story that I’m hoping to get paid for. 1000 words done, I have a plan, time to put this sucker to bed before the submission cycle opens.

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  2. Egad! It’s already May 5th…for me, it’s time to spend the month doing some reading. I had already pledged that but have spent the first five days getting caught up on the last of the A-Z posts, seeing what blogs I want to continue following, taking care or privacy issues on all my websites and blogs as well as all forms associated with them so I will be GDPR compliant. Ugh!!

    So my goals are to READ and to restart my morning YOGA. I take it we post on Fridays about how we are doing? Is there a logo or can I just create something?

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  3. What an awesome Challenge! I think I’ll join up, even though I missed the first Friday posting yesterday.

    This challenge comes at just the right time, because I had a breakthrough on one of my projects last month, and so I’m hoping to be MAYkingitwork this month. I’m going to try to post this Friday on my progress, if any, and also complain – er – give excuses – er I mean explain how I might do better next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Perfect! Welcome aboard!

      That’s the thing about MAYkingItWork–it’s extremely low pressure. And it sounds like you’re already doing well! If you are doing a blog post, come by and post the link on Friday. Otherwise, feel free to let us know how it’s going in the comments!


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