#MAYkingItWork Friday: Declaration Day


OK, friends who have decided to take something languishing and make it work during this month, today’s the day you say it loud and say it, if you’re like me, a little hesitantly. Just kidding!

Today we declare what nagging bit of unfinished work we’re going to dust off and attack. But in a nice way. No pressure; this is the gentlest of challenges. As co-host Breaker of Things said, it’s more of a getting-back-on-the-computer-or-sewing-machine-or-whatever support group. Well, he didn’t say it exactly that way, but there’s nothing pedantic about #MAYkingItWork.

Unless you want it to be.

What’s that, hypothetical and non-hypothetical readers alike? I haven’t declared anything so far?

How very astute.

OK for the month of May, I will set my sights on finishing the first draft of the Aunty Ida book that’s been lying around (and we all know Aunty Ida hates lying around) and finish this round of edits on a completed stand-alone novel.

Your turn! Feel free to discuss in the comments, or blog about it and leave a link. Happy MAYkingItWork!

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12 thoughts on “#MAYkingItWork Friday: Declaration Day

  1. @breakerofthings

    Good call! Hope #MAYkingItWork gives us a new Aunty Ida novel.

    As I said earlier in the week, my plan is to finish a 5k short story that I abandoned to work on the AtoZ. I’m also going to work on turning the AtoZ into a novel.

    What I forget to check is what is involved in co-hosting! Is there anything that I need to do?

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    • Aside from spreading the word and a blog post if you feel like it?


      Not unless there’s anything else you’d like to do.

      Like the concept of MAYkingItWork, it’s a low-key gig! 😉

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  2. I forgot you always do “MAYking it work” after the AtoZ. I had been gradually dribbling notes on what may someday turn into an actual story, and I think writing daily in April helped get some juices flowing.
    I don’t fool myself that I’m a natural fiction writer, but I think if I read the write books about writing, and maybe follow some blogs about writing, maybe I could put something together. Maybe. I guess a reasonable goal for May is to put together the skeleton of this so-called potential book. That way at the end of the month I should know if I deem it worth pursuing!

    What are the rules? My instinct is to do this secretly. You know my blog is anonymous, and in real life, I’m a very private person, too.

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    • So all you do is pick something you’ve been meaning to work on but haven’t (CHECK!) and then work on it! On Fridays, you can blog about how it’s going, or you can come here and comment. Absolutely no pressure!

      An entire book is pretty daunting, so if you haven’t done a lot of fiction, if you don’t mind a suggestion, I might start with something shorter. It helps to get the rhythm of the storytelling arc before you spread it over such a large project.

      But if you’re a jump in the deep end kinda person, go for the the skeleton! This month is for you, so do what calls.

      Also no one is a natural fiction writer. It’s work. The more natural it sounds, the more work it is, so don’t feel like you need some innate kind of knack.

      Yay! I’m so glad you’re jumping in, and I can’t wait to hear how it’s feeling!


  3. My “MAYking it work” is counterintuitive but here it is. I’m in the process of doing less on my blog, following fewer [but more sincere] bloggers, deleting unfinished posts that are lingering around the edges of my online life. That is, I’m focusing more on how blogging fits into my entire life rather than focusing on how real life fits in around my blog.

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  4. I guess I had joined this without knowing anything about it. After April 30th, I’ve pretty much made up my mind to try and shape The Abysmal Dollhouse into something more. Novella? Novel? Magnum Opus? Not sure, yet.
    Part of that “blame” goes to David and Deb. Something they offered me (yes, I will accept the offer of a free World Cruise!) got me going “hmmmm” and “maybe I should” and a bit of “aiiieeeeee.”
    So, do we sign up for #MAYkingItWork? Give up our first born (I would gladly give up the second born)? Shave our heads and join the Hare Krishnas?
    So, I’m in, Unless we have to eat fish on Friday’s as well. Nope. Won’t do that.

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    • Today is your lucky day, Stu, no fish required! Basically, you’ve already done it (though tell me more about this second-born. How adorable on a scale of 0-Elephant has a pet puppy?) You’ve declared the project, now get going!

      Of what I read (I need to go back and finish) it could be a novella or a collection of connected short stories (which it already is…you’re KILLING MAYkingItWork). A novel will take a lot more stripping down and building up, but I do think the concept is there for one…can’t wait to find out which direction you choose!

      Also, HANG ON A SEC, I got no such offer of a free world cruise! Um, David, Debs?? Where’s my ticket??? 😉

      Yay, and welcome aboard!! This non-cruise. Not to be confusing.


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