Running late.

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Oh boy am I behind today. I missed the live workout, so I had to wait until it finished the broadcast to do it, and I feel like that threw me off. And the thing is I was awake in time to do the live one, but I just didn’t yet want to get out of bed.

What can I say, it’s gray and it’s rainy and it’s awfully cozy out. Well, not out, in, really, because of outside.

And I just got a spam call, which completely broke my train of thought. I don’t understand them, even if you call me three times in a day, I’m not going to answer the phone. Of course they’re worse now than ever, since there’s no way this regime is going to enforce the Do Not Call registry.

They’re so irritating.

They must work on someone, though, or they wouldn’t keep doing it.

So today’s a day to push goals forward, just maybe not in the time-frame I’d like or at the time I’d like. Maybe take smaller steps. Maybe take slower steps.

That’s OK too.

Eventually we’ll reach the end, just the same.

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4 thoughts on “Running late.

    • Definitely…though you can always just do one from the library. But yes, I’m not even sure when it would be where you are…It’s a lot of fun though!

      Me too! Very sunny today though, looks like we’re out of rain. Did you get your monsoons yet?


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