#AccountaClub Friday, September 7, 2018


accountaclub-woodIt’s that time again, AccountAbles! Here we are, another Friday, another week in bizarro universe down. Very down.

Extremely down.

But that’s not why we’re here. Today’s the day we talk about how our weeks have gone, and what kind of forward progress we’ve made on our stuff.

I’ve done some editing, but not as much as last week. The weather’s been very gloomy and rainy, and often when it does this it messes with my head, triggering a headache. And when I have headaches, I have problems with words, so not the ideal time for editing.

But some editing. So that’s something.

And the exercise continues! Five days this week, three of them live, even though doing them live wasn’t actually a goal. I was just up and ready, so why not?

So that’s all I have to report this week, nothing earth-shaking, nothing enormous, just one foot in front of the other, even though there were many wobbles.

How about you? How are you doing?

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6 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, September 7, 2018

  1. I’m with you, sometimes life intervenes. This has been a weak week for me thus far. I didn’t write at all on 3 days.

    That said, I’m always posting a partial update here because my calendar begins the week on Monday, so I count my words on Sunday. So, for the previous week – the one that ended for me on the 2nd – I actually ended up with 6,000 words. My goal is 7,000, so I missed the goal, but it was better than I expected. Maybe I’ll crank out 4,000 words today and tomorrow and do the same for this week. I’m worried this one is getting too long, but nothing to do but keep going until I have it down and then fire up the chain-saw!

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    • AWESOME! You still made progress, and 6.000 isn’t word-chicken feed! Did you manage it this weekend?

      You’re still settling in, too, and probably exhausted from all the moving. I think you’re doing an amazing job.


  2. debscarey

    After last week’s bumper output, this week’s writing has slowed to a crawl. Even a standstill. I took a week off work to do stuff. I had some foolhardy notion that I might do some structured self-coaching rather than the “oh hey lookit” version I’ve been applying. Still … I did get my client room back after a massive amount of culling so that Himself’s stuff could be removed from there. Although hugely disappointed with myself on missing our own Friday #FF writing prompt on FCBF, losing my client room has weighed heavily on my mind, my emotions and my ability to see clients at home, so it is a big deal and a much needed one. See, just visiting and thinking about it has made me feel a lot better about my achievement level last week. Thanks 🙂

    Well done on getting your editing done while your head was in non-cooperation mode. Life is not being at all helpful in the keeping a clear mind mode, is it?

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    • I’m so glad that it helped you to see the victories! They all count. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the shoulds, we gloss over the “dids.” You need that client room. That’s still progress, just a different kind.

      We can’t do everything all the time, and we tend to be hard on ourselves for it. NOT HERE! Every bit of progress is a win. 🙂

      So great job on your week!

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