Telltale Tuesday

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I’m telling on myself. Today is one of those days where I welcome any excuse not to concentrate like they welcome that great aunt in the movies everyone wishes they had in real life. Big hugs. Great excitement.

To the point where a conversation about cleaning ovens had me thinking about cleaning my oven. Does my oven need cleaning?

Sure. What oven doesn’t.

Do I need to do it right now?


the goldbergs no GIF by TV Land

Probably not. Though maybe any time is a good time to clean your oven?

If you use that, makers of oven cleaner, go ahead and send me a check. And some oven cleaner.

See what I mean?

Distractions can sometimes lead to unexpected creativity and to inspiration. It doesn’t feel like one of those days. No, instead it feels like one of those days where this weird hollow tapping coming from nowhere in particular is going to drive me bonkers.

And not the good kind of bonkers.

Having said that, I’ve just wandered away from this post for ten minutes. Distracted.

Hopefully I can turn this into something a little more efficient and a little more productive. And I hope you have the best of Tuesdays.

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