#AccountaClub Friday, January 18, 2019


So it’s Friday again and it’s been another week that feels like about three years. I’ve been purging, purging purging, and now I have a big pile of donations I’ll be taking to a charity shop in a little bit.

I’m hoping to to beat the snow that’s supposed to be coming. How much? Like so many things these days, that’s unclear.

Yesterday, I went through a bookshelf. I have many bookshelves and many many many books, something that should surprise exactly no one. Apparently in one of the episodes of “Tidying Up,” Marie told a woman to get rid of all of her books, which raised a scandal and rebellion.

I skipped that episode because the woman was trying so hard to be cheerful and was clearly so very, very sad, I couldn’t watch it.

So I remain un-enraged.

But I looked at all of the books in that bookshelf and realized most of them didn’t, in fact, bring me joy. Also libraries exist.

After the apocalypse is complete I may regret this choice, but I suspect I wouldn’t have much time for casual reading anyway, what with the trying to stay alive and the zombies and the whatnot.

The exercise went well, though the site was glitchy again. And that’s my week.

How was yours?

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4 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, January 18, 2019

  1. debscarey

    Ha ha! You swerved the Kondo book drama. I have to admit to having contributed, in a very teeny tiny small way. Even though, like you, I’ve had a major purge of books – once when I first moved into this small flat when I got rid of all my art & design reference books. They were beautiful, but it wasn’t like I’d read them recently, nor was I in that business. Then about a year ago, I had a major cull of my fiction, most of which had already moved to Kindle. But that still left a *lot* more than 30 books, waaaaaay more in fact. Most are professional and I intend to have a solid professional library which I can lend clients. This means there is likely to be a fairly high degree of natural wastage in unreturned books which is something I can live with. But 30 books or less would be sad – really, really sad. A house doesn’t feel like a home without a good number of books – at least to me it doesn’t.

    Great session at my support/accountability group first meet this morning. Some good ideas came my way which I’ll be putting into action this month. Additional homework for next month’s meeting is a critique of business websites & social media presence. I’m looking forward to this very much – the receiving more so than the giving.

    In terms of writing, David & I had a good catch up when we divided up the work to be done on completing our co-written project from last year’s A-Z challenge. We’ve set a target of “before April” for getting the first draft completed which should be achievable and it would feel great to have it done before we hit the anniversary of it’s start! There’ll still be sooo much more to do to it, not least of which will be planning the next few books in the series, especially as both David & I keep spilling out ideas which need to be captured before they disappear into the ether.

    Great going on the purging & exercising. How’s the next Aunty Ada coming along …? 🙂

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    • AWESOME on the co-working with David! That’s so exciting that you might have it together in time for A to Z! And yes, ideas are so, so slippery that way.

      Debs it sounds like you are on a really, really good path and are back on solid ground, which is fantastic. All of these steps sound like just the thing to get going.

      YES! The books! I will have more than 30 books, I’m sure, when I’m finally done, but I probably don’t need 1000 books or more, so there’s got to be an in-between somewhere!! Besides, she’s not the law…YET.

      So glad to hear about your progress, what a great recovery.

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  2. I love being surrounded by books. Sadly, that’s not practical as long as I continue to move to different countries. OY! Shipping! The mind reels.
    I had success last week, finish reviewing my Nano book, so that is safely set aside on a back burner until… I don’t know, spring at least? And now I’m in the revision stage of book number 1. However, I wanted to print it out, but we don’t have a printer yet and I can’t find a print house in our new town. I didn’t want to lose momentum, so I’m slowly and painfully hand-writing it out (1/2-hour of writing before my arm gets sore) until such time as we can drive up to DaNang where we know of both a place to buy printers, and a print-shop in case printers are too high-priced here.

    That’s about it. I’m intrigued by the process, though. Have a good week!

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    • WOW! Hand-writing it out??? That’s incredible!

      I can’t imagine writing that much anymore.

      I hope you find the printer and/or print shop…yes I can’t even IMAGINE the cost, you’ve done some epic, epic moves. And it sounds like you’re writing your own library!

      So incredibly impressed with your progress!! But I can’t get over the hand-writing. Your hand is going to be so buff!


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