#WednesdayWisdom: Don’t fight the tide.


It’s gloomy today, I think it may be raining but I’m not quite sure. If it is, it’s not terribly enthusiastic about it.

The weather and I have an ongoing battle lately, as it dictates how my headaches go. Hopefully I’ll be OK today, I feel like the deep fog is finally lifting.

But we’ll see.

If I’ve learned anything from these headaches, it’s that you have to figure out how to manage the rise and fall. Don’t fight the tide.

Every time I try to push through or ignore them, they get worse and last longer. Which isn’t a great outcome.

Most of life is like that, really, when you think about it. The harder you try to fight some things, the harder it gets to handle them.

There are some fights we should never abandon, like those for equality and justice. That’s a given.

But sometimes, the best way to handle our personal struggles is to acknowledge them and let them be so they don’t drag us out to deep water.

The tide will come in again. It always does.

Have a great Wednesday.

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